Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas Time 2009

Christmas always creeps up so fast. We had a good christmas, like every year.
We started Christmas Eve by making cookies for santa. Schaefer and Kadrynn love to make
cookies and they always leave a huge mess for me to clean up, but its so fun to watch them put things together.

Schaefer insists on wearing his apron that he got from preschool everytime we do anything in the kitchen, but of course it does no good because he gets stuff all over his sleves.

We always open a gift on Christmas Eve and its always PJs. A tradition Ian wanted to continue from his childhood.
The kids love to get "new Christmas Jammies."

And of course you never see pictures of me because I am always behind a camera.

They look so cute. They all got matching jammies and slippers. Gotta love it.


One of these days I will out sleep the kids. I am always awake way before them.

This year Melynn was the first one up and we sent her down to get the Schaef and Kady up.

Kadrynn is really into babies and Barbies so naturally

she got lots of both. Disney princess and prince barbies, a carseat, a barbie house and some furniture, some sparkly shoes, and clothes. She had a blast. Her favorite toy was her Barbie Car that she has been asking for for months.

Melynn was just having fun stealing anything from anyone.
She got a stroller from her cousin and loved it until someone else opened something. And to this day the girls still fight over the baby carseat and barbie car.

Ian got a lot of cool things as well.
he got a bike trainer that we both love and use often.
He got new shoes, clothes, bike stuff and a bunch of movies.

Schaefer got everything Transformer. He loves transformers. He got probably 8 transformers a transformer basketball and "Optimus Prime"shoes.

One of Kadrynns favorite things was her
Barbie house. After we got the million stickers
put on she played with it for a long time.
After we opened our gifts we headed over to G&G Robertsons to open more
the kids had so much fun, Logan for a red wagon and they all got flashlights
so they all ran around with the lights jumping in and out of the red wagon.
its amazing how fast the holidays go but they are always so much fun.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Little Macy Joy Thornock

Three Days after we came home from Logan we got a call from Laura at 4am saying she was heading to the hospital because her water had broken. So I waited until I got final word that she was in labor and then headed up about 5am.

Laura "labored" (epidurals are great) until noon when the nurse said she was complete and ready, so she started pushing and Macy was born at about 12:30pm. She was 16.5Lbs and 18.5 inches
She also had one of the best cone heads I have ever seen.

She also doesnt look anythink like Kenedi which is wierd
because all of our kids look alike. Mom is hoping she will finally have a baby with dark hair that sticks.

Because of new hospital rules only 2 people were allowed in the room, other than the spouse, so mom acted as hubby and Heather and I got to be there.

Christmas Time with Gma and Gpa Petersen.
We headed up to see Grandma and Grandpa the weekend before Christmas so we could see everyone. Grandma and Grandpa Dingman happened to be there so we all got to spend a tay or 2 together, shopping and hanging out.

We went out to the American Heratige center
to see their Christmas activities. The kids got to
ride horses, chase ducks, and play in the snow.
Kadrynn wasnt very happy about riding the
horses, she was screaming trying to get off the whole time.

The kids wanted to read a book with Grandma so we hurried and took a picture before they changed their minds. Then got a cute shot of them all together.

Schaefers Christmas Program

This is a picture of his whole class. I got really lucky and got
him right in the middle and had a perfect view the whole time.

Schaefers class does a program for every holiday,
so this is his 4th one. They are always so cute,
and he is learning sign language so they get to
do some of the signs for the songs.

Making Gingerbread Houses at Grandmas
We got together with all the Robertson
cousins to make "gingerbread" houses.

I think the kids might have had more fun eating
the candy than making houses. Before we started
we found them all around the table stuffing their faces.

Schaefer and his finished house.

Kadrynn was in a really bad mood after we finished and
this was the best picture I could get with them all in it.

But she was sure happy during the beginning

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Playing in the snow/rain
I build the kids some snowmen. Schaefer was really liking
his snowman that was his size. And Kadrynn was just
happy to have one. She was so cold by the end because she
decided to take off her gloves and hat so the rain (yes rain)
really got her wet.

Schaef and his little snowman

This is my busy at work face...I guess

Ian decided to build a snowcave so we
started shoveling all the snow into a pile
and smacked it down to make it hard then
dug it out.

The kids started climbing on it and had more fun sliding on
and off it than crawling inside it. But I guess Ian was
entertained for a while.
Ian was so busy he couldnt even pause for a picture.

What cute kids, so happy when they
get to play outside.

Schaefers field trip to the mall

Schaefers class got to go to the mall to see Santa,
sing some songs and eat some doughnuts.
This picture is him and his"best Friend"
Sammy. They held hands the whole time.

After the kids got to sit on Santas lap they
lined up to sing Christmas songs.
Melynn looked like she was ready to jump in line
and belt out a tune.

Provo City Christmas Parade

Since Ian works for provo city he gets to be in the annual
Christmas parade, so we have gone to it for a few years now.
They always have some fun floats, and some departments
decoate their trucks or tractors.

Ian dressed up as an "elf ref" this year. I know it
had something to do with the float, I just cant
remember what.

This is the Rec. Department's float with Zippy on top.

The girls got really cold really fast but
they did get a truck load of candy.