Sunday, October 17, 2010

"The Little Kid" Trafalga

  I was invited by Brian and Heather to do a ride for breast cancer one saturday morning and these are the only pictures Ian took.  He didnt even get a good one of Brian and Heather. 
But at least we got the cute kids and the puppy.

 After the race we went with them to the Lehi Trafalga.  The kids had so much fun.  Brian and Heathers family had been there alot but this was our first time.  Mom and Dad gave us an early christmas present of the Pass of all Passes.  So we headed up as soon as we could.  The kids where on fun overload. 
They got to ride the train.  Even Ian got to ride..

Then we hit the bumper boats.  Which I do not like.  I hate getting wet when I am not suppost too!
So naturally I got soaked by Brian and the boys in his boat.  Poor Haylee got it worse than I did though.

Kadrynn wasnt having much fun and Ian had a hard time keeping her in the boat.  She hates getting wet more than I do.

Who doesnt like the airplane...Kadrynn, Melynn would have gone in a heart beat but I was a little worried about her falling out.  So Schaef went solo.

The three of them had a blast though.

We got to ride the Roller coaster, which was more than I planned on.   It went suprisingly fast.
Melynn couldnt hold on so i had to hold her up so she didnt fall over.
Then we went golfing.  My kids have never really done this either so the girls ended up throwing the ball instead of hitting it.  But Schaefer was getting the hang of it.

I hate being in the front of pictures.. I always feel like my head is huge!!

Putt Schaefer Putt!!!
We also got to do Lazer Tag but the kids where not so cool with that.  Melynn was great the whole time, and looked so cute in the vest that was bigger than her, She walked around holding the gun that was giant and had so much fun even though she didnt know what to do. Schaefer was crying about it untill we got in and he figured out what it was then he had fun and cried when we left.  kadrynn was fine until we got in to get the vest on her and then she just screamed and freeked out the whole time, and then cried about leaving.  I hope next time is not so dramatic.

It was a great day!

 We got a dog!!!  I have been trying to talk Ian into a dog for a while now and I finally got him excited about it.  So I started searching KSL and we found this little guy.  He is a Chihuahua Pug, or a Chug and we named him Boss!  He is so cute!!  I took him to the vet this week and he weighs under 3 pounds and he should only be about 7 when he is full grown. 
The kids love him.  The first couple days he was very mellow and didnt do much but now he is a real dog.  he is biting at stuff, trying to bark, and peeing all over.  I am really hoping to get that under control soon but he is driving me crazy. 

Schaefer keeps telling us that he is the favorite because he cleans up his poop and pee...which he doesnt.  But he sure thinks he does.  We are having so much fun with him
Kadrynn playing Start Smart Soccer

 Yeah I realize that Melynn is the first picture on this post that is about Kadrynn, but she was way more excited about soccer than Kadrynn was.  She actually cried when we wouldnt let her wear the shirt.  So here she is wearing Kadrynns shirt.
 Kadrynn had a lot of fun with soccer, but I think she watched her brother complain and whine about it so much that she though she had to do it too.  She was always very excited about it and then she would pull this pose out of the air.

Everynow and then she would actually do something that looked like soccer and then 5 seconds later she would stop and walk away from the ball and say "I dont want to play soccer."  Then Melynn would step in and try to play and Kadrynn would have a cow. 

Her favorite things were to throw the ball in and to stop it, we called it squishing the ball.

The last couple practices they got to play a game and I had to hold her hands and run her around to get her to do anything.  She was just really shy while playing.


 The lotoja was so much fun this year.  Dad ended up getting 2 teams for us.  I didnt get on one of the teams because of my lack of bike but everyone else did.  So we rode with Jeff on one team and some of the other school partners rode on the other team. We beat them by an hour or so I think.

We were suppose to start at 5:45am.  I was going to ride with Dad on the first leg, but I woke up at around 2 throwing up so we didnt ride.  Jeff started us off and we went to the second leg exchange where Dad and Brian were taking over. 
 And what was the first thing to happen?? Brian popped a tire taking the bike off the rack. So after he fixed that we headed over to meet with Jeff, who was FREEZING!! It wasnt even 50 degrees.

 So Brian and Dad headed out and Ian and I headed up to the next exchange where Ian was going to take over.  So we got there and Mom and Heather met us shortly after. 

Ian headed out to do the King of the Mountain Leg and he did it in an ok time, I dont think he beat his time last year but he also didnt train much. 
 After he headed out Heather was forced into my car with my sick self and we drove to the next exchange where she was going to take the timing chip and I was going to ride with her for fun.
This year Heather and I beat all the traffic and got there more than and hour before Ian did.
We kept wondering what happened to Mom Dad and Brian and when we finally got ahold of them, we found out that dad took another 45 minutes to finish the second leg because Jeff was going so slow.  So Dad and Brian didnt even get to ride the third leg and they got stuck in traffic so they couldnt even catch up to Heather and I for the fourth leg.

Ian rolling in to pass off to Heather.
This year they paid a lot more attention to numbers and bikers, so I waited a while before going to catch up with Heather.  it ended up taking me about 10 miles to get her.  But we got to ride the last 25 together.

Heather heading out. 

                           Ian was able to get some picts of me but only one good one.  And I didnt get any of him because they didnt allow you to stop at the top of the mountain to take any on his leg.
Riding was so much fun, It was depressing how many people passed us but hey, not not really having a bike that fits me, and only training for 3 weeks, I think I did pretty well. 
When we got to the last exchange Brian and Dad still were not there So Ian had to take the timing chip to finish.  Dad and Brian ended up coming in just as Ian headed out.  Then they tried to catch him but couldnt.  Ian ended up getting sick on that leg and throwing up 3 times off the side of his bike, and he forgot his gloves so the poor guy had to do the whole 50 miles without gloves.  He looked so sick after but recovered quickly.

 After we finished we headed over to eat at Bubbas BBQ..yummy!!!  Then we got to stay in Jackson this year, which was so much nicer than going home!!!  We got to stay in the Kings cabin and the next day we walked around down town and did some touristy shopping.  Then headed back home.

We had to get some pictures in front of the antler archway at the park in the middle of town. 
It was so much fun and I cant wait to have my own bike and ride my own legs.  And thanks to Natalie and Danny for watching our kids who ended up throwing up and all kind of stuff.  We are so blessed to have good family who will help you out even when it is no fun for them. 
Too Cute!!

 Ok So I dont know what this is from but, Laura and JD came to visit for something and I didnt take any pictures the whole time.  Then right before they left I took these.  It is the cutest picture and I just had to put it up even though I have no story or anything for it.
And this one of Kenedi is proof that she nees bangs!!  Hahaha!
Finally getting started on the Girls room

 So I bought this dresser from DI when we finished Schaefers room and got the girls princess beds.  I have always had it in my mind that I would refinish it so it wasnt so ugly.  So now, a year later I finally did it.  I even got Ian in there working away. 
While we where at it I let the kids paint the baby high chair...I guess I should have expected the mess, but I did nothing to stop it.  So now we have paint all over outside and I dont know how to get rid of it.  But they had a blast.

The girls ate more than they painted, sad but true.
I did finish it and make it look normal though.

It made the room look so much better!!  It really pulled it together. 
And my mom gave me those cute vases and flowers to put on top.

I did find some cute hardware but I guess I dont have a picture of it complete.
The girls just had to be in the picture too, and picking the nose makes it really  nice.

My next project is doing to canopys for the beds so they look like princess beds and not prison cells.
I also need to cover pillows and get bed skirts.  I did find some cute curtains though, but I will save more pictures for when I finish the room.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Soccer Season

 Schaefer played soccer this year!!  it was so much fun to watch him.  The first couple games he was very...not interested. Haha!  It took a lot of convincing to get him out on the field.  But once he got his shades on found out there were treats at the end he was game to go run around chasing the group of kids that where chasing the ball. 

Here is a picture of most of his team.  Sadly they were not the most athletic team, we scored like 3 times the whole season. 
The girls had a blast going to the games too, everynow and then i would get them to yell "Go Schaefer!"
Grandma, Grandpa, Megan and Natalie and her kids even came to a couple games. 

He wore those glasses every game almost.  I guess he really does have sensitive eyes, or he just knows how super cool it is.

He got a lot more confident as time went on and in the last game he even scored, it was in the wrong goal but he scored.