Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas morning was so much fun!  Tara and Eric came over at 7am to watch the kids open presents.  They even brought their new dog Paisley.  She is so cute and such a Tara dog, very primped and pretty.  Boss Loved her!!
The kids were all so excited when they saw the presents Santa brought.  They tore throught the stockings and got really excited about it. 

Schaefer got the Telescope he had been asking for.  And he loves it.  He also got Chunk from Toy Story 3, a football, Buzz Lightyear, a watch, Toy story 3, Dragons, a moon light for his room, Tag books, BYU jersey, and a ball to bounce on.  He got other things but he is standing here with me trying to remember and I think I will be here all day if I just wait for him to remember.

Melynn was really excited about her stocking,   She dumped it all out and refused to put it back in.  She got that cute bow on her head and I love it but she doesnt seem to care too much about bows anymore. 

the audience.
Schaefers Moon from Santa

The one Present kadrynn asked Santa for, a Pink Rhino (zhu zhu pet)

All the kids got houses for their Zhu Zhus.

kadrynn got kind of mad at one point and couldnt accept that her presents where infront of her and they were not too big for her.  She got over it quickly.

Boss Mauling Paisley.  They had do much fun.

Here is the picture of al things he got; Chunk from Toy Story 3, a football, Buzz Lightyear, a watch, Toy story 3, Dragons, a moon light for his room, Tag books, BYU jersey, and a ball to bounce on. He got other things but he is standing here with me trying to remember and I think I will be here all day if I just wait for him to remember.

Kadrynn got, Little pet shop, a princess dress, a fuzzy church coat, a princess doll, 2 zhu zhu pets, baby clothes, a stroller, a piggy bank, some jeans, a bear, rupunzel barbies, and a tag book.

About half way through Melynn decided she was tired and went over to grandma and just sat there plaing with her ear.

Tara and tired Eric with the puppies.  Paisley looked like she was ready for prom in her little dress and Boss looked like he just crossed the border with his ghetto shirt.

Oh, and Kadrynns little puppy, cant forget that.

Melynn got, a barbie car, princess doll and dress, coat, pony, stroller, tag book, Beauty and Beast barbies, and most everything kadrynn got just in a differant color.
ian and i also got some good stuff, but I am always more curious about the kids so i only take pictures of them.  On black friday I got Ian a 32" TV for our room and he got me a Dyson Ball vacuum.  Then christmas morning he suprised me with a garmin running watch.  I gave him a rasor that he said he doesnt really need so sounds like he is going to take it back and get a garmin too.
It was lot of fun having mom and dad there too.  Kyle made the morning fun, because he woke up the kids and was really excited about presents. 
The rest of the day was spent doing nothing, visiting my aunts and eating dinner with ians family.
Who gave Ian and I money to start our food storage, so now I am tring to figure out what to do with that and how to spend it best.
It was a great christmas, just like it always is.

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas Eve with The Robertson/Debrine Family.
We headed over to Sizzler for dinner, a tradition.

Then we went to The Robertsons house and Karen read us a christmas Story and then we headed down to Karls house.  We drove through the Salem Pond, they always do cool lights.  I tried to take some pictures but this was the best i could get.  These trees are on the pond.

Scott and Amanda and Logan drove down with us, the whole way down they had a boys bench VS girls bench contest. 

At Karls house we read the story of christs birth and then sang christmas songs.

We didnt stay too long, we still had to get home before the kids would fall asleep in the car.
When we got home we let the kids open their Christmas Eve present, which is always Jammies and slippers.  Ian and I even got eachother slippers

Here are all the slippers.  We watched a movie and waited for Grandma and Grandpa Petersen and Kyle to get there to stay the night.  Which took longer than I thought it would, but they were excited to see them.  Then we all headed to bed to wait for santa to come.

Happy Birthday Macy!!

Macy turned one year old while they where staying at my house.  So we got to have the party at my house, and Laura is always coming up with cute ideas...that take a long time to do.  But they always turn out fun and cute.

Macys Rainbow party.  Laura blew up each of those balloons all by herself.  I dont know how she didnt pass out but she did it.  they were a pain to put up though, they kept falling, but we made it work and it stayed up long enough.

laura got these cute suckers for the kids, laffy taffy and skittles.  Then last minute she sent JD to the store to get a fruit platter nd some doughnuts. I thought she was crazy and we would be left with tons of food but some how it al got eaten. 

Melynn insisted on wearing Lauras sweater al day, so she made a total mess of it and then gave it back.

Sisters, How cute. :)

I should have taken a picture of the inside of that cake.  It had 4 Layers and each layer was colored a differant rainbow color  I think the bottom was orange, then Blue, red and Green on top.  It looked really cool.  I realized later that I did the frosting wrong.  I didnt put enough butter in it,  it kept sliding off the cake and looked really stupid.  Oh well, at least it tasted fine.

Oh, there is some of the color cake.  and Macys little hat that she wouldnt keep on.
Her birthday was alot of fun and I am really glad I got to be there for it. 

Schaefer blowing happy birthday
Finally Some Snow!!

Our first snow storm just happened to be when Laura and her family was here
SO we took the kids out to build "Frosty", The kids were so exited.  Everyone except Macy anyway, but now I think I know why, I wouldnt be too happy about Kadrynn stuffing snow in my face either.

Here is the snow man almost done.

The kids all took turns huging Frosty.  Kenedi was the most excited about him.

They all all so cute.

I laugh everytime I see this smile, looks like she got distracted during the picture.

Stud Muffin!!

Lauras cute girls

I also took a turn hugging Frosty

Then we finished him.  Laura went inside with the camera before we got his face on.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

As soon as we got home from The Thornocks I put up the tree and started decorating.  Of course I let the kids help, and then changed it when they went to bed. :) They always have so much fun puting up christmas.

The one good thing about a fake tree is that you can keep it up as long as you want and it wont burst into flames.  So we got it up quick.  I love having the tree in the house, it really makes christmas real.

I also took a couple shots of my other stuff.  I think most of it turned out cute.

The tree was blue, and then I went to Tai Pan with the kids and Schaefer wanted red so we got some red stuff and changed it.  I really like the change.

My kitchen shelf, I really could use some vinyl or frames of something, oh well maybe next year.
Temple Square

On our way home from the Thornocks we met up with The Robertson cousins to go see the lights at temple square.

Unfortunatly it was so foggy we coudnt get many good pictures, but his one tuned out kind of cool I thought.

The kids had so much fun running around looking at the lights and the Temple

Logan of course was the smart one.  He actually stayed in there quite a bit. 
The other kids ran around like crazy

We even had Boss, by default.  I totally forgot that we would have him in Idaho so he got to come, and he did really well, he stayed in there the whole time.

This was the best picture we could get and boss some how got into it.