Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holly cow!!  I cant believe I am old enough for this! My baby boy is in kindergarten.
We got Schaefer enrolled in Freedom Acadamy.  Which is just right down the street so that is great.  He got into the morning class with Mrs. Anderson.  He is having a blast. Its a uniform school so here he is in his uniform with his backpack from the childrens place that he just had to have.
We walked over to the school and all the kids line up outside and wait for their teachers so we stood there with him for a while. Then I asked him if he wanted me to come in with him, he said, "yeah."  But then a few minutes later he said, "umm..Just leave and come get me later."
Here is his cool backpack.  He really had to have it.  everytime we went to the mall he would ask for it, "Mom, do we have money for this, how much does it cost?"  Then he was insisting on having all the matching stuff to go with it.
This is his teacher Mrs. Anderson, giving him a name tag.  And Melynn was trying to get her way in there too.
After he told me to leave we went and stood by the front and waited for him to go in the door. 
He is still loving school and has such a good time there.
Happy Birthday Little Melynn!!
Well unfortunatly I wasnt nearly as good about taking pictures of Melynns birthday as I was with Schaefers. But heres what I got.
I did remember to make Melynns sign, but again it isnt very good.  I hope I get better at this or I may have to stop doing it.  haha!

Well Melynn pick a favorite toy from her party. And Alex and Shaylas Zhu Zhu pet won, she named it Rhino.  She sits on the floor while its running around and says," come here rhino, come here."  while patting her legs.  She carries it everywhere she goes.  I even had to get Kadrynn one so she would stop stealing Melynns.

Yeah, here is Kadrynns zhu zhu pet.
After we got dressed we headed out to Krispy Kremes to get Birthday Doughnuts.  Then we headed to walmart to get Melynns Birthday toy, she picked a dress for her new baby that my mom gave her. 
Then we headed home and took naps and just relaxed for the rest of the day.
Schaefers FIRST Sleepover!!
So for Schaefers Birthday I thought it would be fun to see if Shad could sleep over.  It actually worked out really well.  They both had so much fun, and of course the girls had to be included so they had a blast as well. 
I wasnt very good at taking pictures but, I did get a couple cute ones.  We Started the adventure off with meeting the Petersens at the mall to get Shad, then they ended up coming over for a little bit and left Shad.  They all played while I made dinner, we had Chicken Cordon Bleu. :)
Then we had family home evening, and I wish I would have taken a picture of the lesson but I made a little Monster out of a tissue box and told them something about having to do scarry things and then they stuck their hand in the mouth to see what was inside,  Of course it was candy.  But Shad was not going to stick his hand in there if his life depended on it.  Melynn finally pulled out his candy for him and then he was having fun.  We then went out to play baseball.  They all had a blast hitting and running. 
We also rented Astro Boy so we went in made popcorn and watched a movie.  It got over around 10:30 and the girls went right to bed, but the boys didnt want to go so easily.  So they laid in bed for a while and then around 11:30 Shad decided he was scared so they moved up to the guest bed.  They fell asleep real quick after that. 
The Next day I got up early to make a sign that I forgot to do the night before, but the boys woke up before I finished.  It wasnt exactly a master piece like my mom could always do but Schaef liked it so I guess thats good enough.

All the kids had to hold up there favorite toy for the picture, except for Melynn who wasnt really sure what was going on.

This was the best part of the day.  I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and told all the kids to go down and get dressed.  All the sudden I see Shad come running, naked saying he has to go to the bathroom.  So on his way down I got a shot of him high-tailin it.
They all got dressed and possed for this before we headed out to the mall and Target.
We headed out to Target so Schaefer could pick a toy and the whole time Shad kept saying, "My Mom wants me to have...." (whatever we happen to be looking at)  It was so funny.  But Schaefer settled on his toy and the other kids got a box of crackers.
We Headed over to the mall to play and waste time before lunch at Pirates Pizza.

They all had a fun time playing and making new friends. 
Then we headed over to Pirates to meet Ian and Dinah Larson with her Kids Noah, Baylee and Carter.
I only got one picture of Shad because I forgot to take them, but I had to take a pic of Shad so I could show his mom that he ate his lunch.  After they all played in the arcade and got a bunch of tickets and them picked a couple prizes.  Then we headed to Shads house to drop him off. 

Later that night when Ian came home he said he got tickets for the Bees Baseball Game so we headed up to Salt Lake for the game.

It was kids eat free night so the kids got hot dogs and drinks but that wasnt enough, they needed treats..sugar!!

But I wanted Ice cream, chocolate, but I sent Ian to get it and this is what I got...at least it was Russels ice cream.

Schaefer was being a bit of a whiner, so i drew this little guy on his arm and put the ice cream bowl hat on him.  Schaefer loved it.

They had such a fun time and Schaefer cant wait for the next birthday.

After the Ulcer race we decided to have the kids birthday party since my mom and dad would be here.
We went over to exchange park that night and did cake and ice cream.
Cake this year was kind of difficult.  I did a fontant with Melynns and used rice crispy treats for the crown, but hers was easy and she was thrilled with it.  Schaefers I had to make 2 sheet cakes, freeze them, stack them, carve them, freeze them, attempt to frost them because they didn't freeze well.  anyway, it was not very fun but Schaefer seemed to like it and thats all that matters.
This is the cutest picture of total Cheesy smiles. 

Blowing out the candles
It was like Christmas for these two!!!  Everyone gave them great gifts and it was so nice.  The kids loved it all.  During all the opening they kept opening and throwing, opening and throwing.  It was really funny, but they really did love everything they got. 

The kids both had such a great birthday.  We have such a great family.  Its so great to know that we have so many people in our lives who love and care about us. 
Schaefer was eyeing this Woody doll in the Disney store for weeks.  Every time we went in there he would say, " Mom how much does this cost?  Do we have that much?"
There was so much to open!  Thank you family!

Melynn finally got to dig into her cake.  I cant tell if she liked it or not.  But who cares right. :)

Renee, Megan, Macy and Kendyl.. just chillin.

More party goers.  Heather, Natalie, and the Grandpas, or "Bampas" as Melynn would say.
The Grandmas and Scott, Amanda and Logan (they werent notified before the picture was taken, hehe)
Everytime we go to that park now Schaefer makes us stop and he points to the tree we were sitting under and says, "MOM!! THATS WHERE MY PARTY WAS!!!"  And then Melynn of course has to agree and make the same statement in her bable language.

Ian Brian and Dad rode in the UCLER Bike race, its was 111 miles around the lake.
Here are the kids waiting at the finish line.
Dad and Brian Crossed about 30 seconds before Ian and Jeff
It took them about 6 hours to finish.  Which was a huge improvement from last year. 
And Ian didnt look like he was going to die this time so that was good. 
I am hoping to ride with them next year, but we will see what the year brings. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

one of the booths at the fair had a free picture booth, Schaefer had so much fun with it, we went back 3 times so he could dress up.

Mom and Dad and Kyle came down to run with us, well Kyle ran, Dad didnt because of a hurt back but Ian Kyle and I ran.  We also found Danny who was running the 10k as well.  Kyle finished in like 36 minutes and the 3 of us came in at about 49 minutes.  I was happy with the time, but man is Kyle fast.  After the race we went over to the parade with Breakfast. 

This year I decided to make shirts, It kind of wasnt worth it because the holiday was 3 days long and they wanted to wear them everyday.  Ian never even wore his.

And Schaefer loves Grandma!  And his firework shirt.

More picts of the crowd...and ians hairry face.
                                      This was Schaefers favorite float, it looked so cool, almost real.
Logan and Amanda. 
We spent some time with the Petersen cousins after the Parade.  This was the best picture I could get.
That Shad doesnt like to be in my pictures.  :)