Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pizza Party in the car at the Crosswalk

We had some leftover pizza from the night before and so we
decided to take it to the crosswalk.  I took the seat out of the car and put a blanket down while the kids ate their lunch.
Laura grabbed the camera and started snapping.

Schaefer got really excited and started pulling cool moves on the chair to try to get a good picture

My cute little baby eating so healthy.

WOW! Kadrynn is three years old.  I cant believe how fast time goes bye.   She had a really fun day that started out with a birthday sign I made that unfortunatly proves my lack of spelling.  I wrote the words out in pencil, did it wrong then fixed it without erasing the wrong stuff because I didnt have an eraser.  Then when I went over it with marker I traced the wrong letters.  Oh well, at least its funny now.
The day started with the crosswalk and then doughnuts!  A breakfast favorite at our house.

Then the kids decided they wanted to go to Pirate Island for dinner.  So Laura and the girls came with us and of course I didnt think to get the camera out until Ian and Schaefer had to leave for Schaefers basketball thing.

I think this picture will do down as my favorite birthday picture.

We actually got them all on the mary-go-round to get  pictures of them all.  Kadrynn was scared of it to begin with but she got over it and hopped on.

Me and my girls.  With Kadrynns free birthday desert... that I ate. :)

After we got home from dinner we let Kadrynn open a couple presents, but because we were doing her party on sunday we left the cake and stuff for that day.
Hangin at the Mall

Laura came down to our house and spent a week with us. 
One of those days we went to the mall with Megan and
Skylie Anderson.  After walking around for a while we
ended up in Childrens Place (suprise I know)
and all the kids had to have Valentine headbands and glasses
So Hear they are.  Just when I took the picute
Skylie jumped out, but we ended up getting her in the next one.

Shooting Hoops

For Christmas the kids gave Ian some Nerf Hoops and Schaefer was
really excited to put them up in his room so we could play. 
So at least once a week we have a jam session in Schaefs room.
He has so much fun jumping off the bed to dunk the ball. 
He also jumps up and down while shooting.  He is getting pretty good
at shooting but now we need to work on his dribbling.

Melynn loves to play too, but she cant shoot it so she will sit on the bed collecting balls and then hand them out.  When she has the ball she wants she makes us pick her up so she can dunk too.

Another great dunk by Schaefster.

Kadrynn chillin on the bed while Schaef goes at it.  She is getting really close to actually making a basket from the floor. 

Schaefer lays down a great dunk and on the landing gets "a owie!"  So he has to pause and collect himself before continuing.
And as usual dad turns things into a tickle fight before we finish. 
He had all the kids on the bed laughing their heads off.
Good way to get the kids in bed, right.
Going to see Baby Macy

Its so wierd that my kids and Ian didnt get to see  Macy until she was a month old and I only saw her once.
so we decided to go up to Logan and introduce everyone.  My kids were super excited, as usual.  

Schaefer is always excited to see babies and he loves to hold them.
As soon as we got there he had to hold the baby, and then every few minutes he would ask to hold her, unless a movie was on of course.

He keeps asking when we are going to get a baby.  He has already named that baby Lucas.  Ian keeps telling him that when he gets bigger he can have a baby named Lucas. 

Kadrynn loves to see Kenedi.  They follow eachother around now and it is so cute.  So naturally we had to get some cute shots of them together hugging and kissing.  "Kenedi is my best friend!"  Kadrynn always says, but she says that about everyone, Who ever is closest at the time. :)  But its still cute.

Kadrynn was really excited to hold Macy, so we got all the kids up on the couch, all but Schaef who was throwing a fit at the monment.  They were all so happy and cute.
And of course the only picture of me is a really bad one, I just got off the treadmill, but what do you do?
After playing at Grandmas we headed back down to go to Shads 4th birthday party, where everything was transformer and the kids all got together for this great shot.  Kadrynn was throwing a fit and I guess Haylee was really excited.  So cute.
                       NEW ROOMS

We finally finished Schaefers new room and set up the girls princess beds.  They look so cute.

Schaefer was so excited for his transformer bed.
We got it all set up and then found a rip in the bedding, so we took it back and he got a different
transformer comforter.

They were both so excited that they had to take a picture with actual transformers.


 When I got pregnant with Schaefer I bought all the
decorations for the baby room thinking that when we
were done having kids they would all go into Schaefers
room.  That ended up working out very nicely. 
His room is totally done and I dont have to buy
anything to make it better, well accept for one wall
that just looks funny, but I didnt take a picture of
that wall.

Since this picture we also had that pipe covered
 up so it is really finished.

The Princess Beds

When we first put these beds up I thought "Holy Cow they look like little prison cells." 
But they werent, Kadrynn could get out right away but melynn took some
practicing.  We have also got them matching bedding now
but I havent taken a picture yet because I have been wanting to finish
them with the bedskirts, pillowcases, and canopy.  But
we will see when that gets all done.

They all have been having so much fun in them. Schaefer sneeks into their room everynight, but I dont think its to sleep in the princess bed as much as its being scared of his bedroom. :)
Melynns bed looked pretty makeshift for a while but its cute now so thats all that matters.