Sunday, May 16, 2010


Easter this year was really fun.  We had my whole family here.  We started Saturday off at the Provo city Easter Egg Hunt.  Where there was a ton of kids, I was a little suprised because it was kind of cold that morning, but my kids ended up with just a couple of eggs and the candy from them was gone before we got home 20 minutes later.

Then went home to paint some eggs.  The kids had a lot of fun with this.  We have never painted eggs at home before so this was a first.  We did end up putting Melynn down for a nap because she was throwing a fit about everything.  But they where all excited when they got an egg with their name on it. 

After painting eggs we headed over to the Madsens church to have a little picnic and egg hunt.  It ended up being cold so we moved inside, and did the hunt outside.

Cute little Kenedi and her basket!!
This was the only picture we could get with Haylee in it, everytime she saw a camera she left the area.

This is the one Haylee dodged out of, but its so cute I had to put it up. Notice Melynns "eating Smile."

The other picture I got with the little Petersens, I totally suprised Shad and luckly I got Haylee behind him.

Kadrynn and Melynn in search of candy and eggs.  They were having so much fun, the whole time they had this look of "what is all this candy doing on the ground!!"

Laura is always looking so pleasant but this time she over did it.

Some of the big kids helping the little kids, while looking to fill their own baskets.

I didnt see Schaefer at all because someone took him the other way and he came running back with a bucket that he was having a hard time carrying.  he was totally excited.  He also found 2 dollars in some of the eggs and to this day he reminds me that he has 2 dollars when he sees something he wants.
The loot!!


I found Heaven on earth, well at least on thursdays!  The Coccoa Bean cupcake cafe.  UMMMM!
Laura and I found it a few months ago and I have been going way too much.  They have different cupcakes everyday, but my favorite is the Party in your Mouth cupcake and its served on Thursday.  Its chocolate cake with nutella, cream cheese chocolate, and drizzled with chocolate.  YUMM!

Well Laura came down for a visit and we decided to go there and take Mallory and introduce her to heaven, although it was saturday night, but still so yummy.

Yes, we ordered Half a dozen and ate them all.

About half way in we started wondering what was in these cupcakes.  I have never had such a bad sugar rush.

After we realized what we just did.  WOW that was a lot of cupcake.


I finally got an SUV!  We finally found a great deal on a nice SUV, and I am so excited about it.
                                              Its a 2007 Ford Expedition. 

And Oh, How I love it!!!
I think Ian loves it just as much as I do but he tries not to show it.  But he is always washing it and trying to find cool things to put on it or in it.
The kids were equally excited.  We didnt tell anyone when we got it but before anyone saw it Schaefer had spilled the beans.  We saw my parents a couple days later and he was riding in their car and told my mom all about the new car and then pointed it out when they were walking into the mall to meet us.  He even gave her the specs. "its an '07, it has a seat here, and here and here, its got a DVD player, and its white."
They were all really excited to play in the back.  Then they found out that the rear window opens and they could have spent all day climping in and out of it.

Well, Kadrynn had her moments.  Now she is always saying "I have a big car, I love my big car!"

The Race is ON!!

While we were sitting at the Crosswalk Schaefer decided he wanted to learn to race "like they do at Track"
So I showed him how to get down and take position and of course all the girls wanted to play too.

I started them off with "Mark, Get Set, GO!!"  And they all took off as fast as they could go.
Kadrynn stopped about ten feet out and decided that was far enough.  So she sat down and took a rest.

Schaefer ran all the way down the street and around the yard at the church.

As he was coming around the corner, Melynn decided she had gone
far enough and headed back at a casual pace.

Schaefer came to the straight away and proudly yelled "I WIN!!"
Next we all took a water break.  And they spend a solid hour racing and then continued to race at track.