Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Kyle Graduates High School

I cant believe that Kyle is graduated.  Mom and Dad are basically empty nesters.  Its amazing how fast time really does go. 

We all got to go up to Logan, except Ian and Tara and Eric who all had to work. 

during the Graduation I gave Schaefer the camera and ended up with like 20 pictures of the floor and close ups on just about everyone. 

Kadrynn was so scared that she was going to fall down the seats so she wouldnt get off my lap the whole time.

I couldnt get a good picture of him but there he is. 

We all got our pictures and Schaefer wanted one of just him and Kyle together. 

Hanging out with cousins.

One night Ians brothers came over and we all hung out, the kids all came running up in costumes and I had to take a few pics of them.

Schaefer is always Iron man, and Logan likes the bumblebee costume.  Usually Taelin is in  princess dress but this time she was Optimus and I had my little fairys.  The new favorite thing is the dart guns and vests.  They always have so much fun when they play together.

Celisa turns 26 and Mothers day

We got together for for Mothers day dinner and my birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Dingmans house. 

The kids found Grandma Miller and they love her, they always want to play with her.  For a while I was downstairs talking to her the kids kept running in and out laughing.  I think they like her so much because she always acts suprised when they try to scare her. 

On my birthday Rachel and Brittney came to take us out to the park for a picnic.  The kids all got to play together and eat pizza.  We went to nelsons grove park in orem so the kids could feed the ducks. 

The kids had so much fun feeding the ducks but the ducks seemed to be full because they didnt eat anything.  Here is little Tyson, Rachels boy, playing on the rocks.

Ian took me out to Salt Lake to go to the Roof, at the top of the Joseph Smith Building.  It was really good and a lot of fun.  Eating out is one of my favorite things to do so Ian did a good job at planning the birthday suprise. 

We even got all dressed up, and saw Nadine Whimmer, the channel 5 news lady.

And I have to take a picture of the Temple every time i see it, its so amazing thinking about the pioneers building it and all they went through,  I am so grateful for them and for the fact that I didnt have to live at that time!!  ha!

My good looking husband.  He can never just smile his cute normal smile, always a wierd face. 
But he is still so hot!!

Schaefers Spring Soccer

Schaefer finally got interested in soccer this year, probably because we got him some cleats with flames on them.  He did really well this year, still hasnt gotten a goal but he is getting the point  and learning how to keep up.  Its funny how fast he can run, but when you put him in a game he just kind of jogs along not knowing what to expect. 

One game Heather and the kids came to watch, which Schaefer loved, he loves having some one new come to watch.

This game we brought a picnic and the so the kids had a blast eating while they where cheering on the the team.

Schaefer on a break away

During half time Schaefer and his friend Brycen started doing some exercises to get ready for the next half.  They did pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks and sprints.

Even Shad got in on some of the action.

I cant wait till he gets older so we can see what he will really be good at.
Easter In Logan with the Petersen Family

This year was the first Year since Mom and Dad moved that we all got to get together for Easter.  Well everyone but Tara and Eric.  But all the kids got to spend it together and they had so much fun. 
Mom planned an Easter egg hunt, so the kids all got their baskets and circled Mom to hear the rules. 

There were so many eggs and candy, The kids had a blast. 

Mom has been telling us that we have no good pictures of her on our blogs so she walked around the whole weekend trying to get into as many cute pictures as she could.  It was really tempting to follow her around and try to get some unexpected shots of her for her own page, but I resisted.

We forgot to color eggs when all the kids where awake so Kenedi and Schaefer got to do them all and have a little fondue with the grown-ups. 

The easter bunny came that night and the kids were all so excited to find their baskets when they woke up. 

Melynn dove right in once she found it and she threw it all over the floor to check out the goods.

Even Kyle got one.

All the kids dressed up and ready for church. 
It was a fun weekend and so nice to spend time with my parents and family.

Welcome Dently Bruce!!

Danny called me around 8 in the morning and said, "oh, a we had the baby last night so, it was a boy and come over if you want."  I couldnt figure out if he was lying or not, I wasnt expecting him to be born so early, but after about 5 minutes of me trying to make sure he was telling the truth I believed him and we went to see him. 

We took a ball to Taelin and Brick so they could have something new to play with, just like mom. :)
They were all really excited to see the baby. 

He looks just like the other two, but one that he is a little older he has his own look and actually is looking a little different.
Kind of makes me excited to have another baby.  They are so cute!