Monday, January 31, 2011


I wonder how many times I am going to think that over the next 20 years???
Schaefer lost his first tooth!  At age 5!  It fell out mid January.

I still can figure out how if came out so early, I didnt think they started falling out till about age 7.

But it came out and he put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy, who brought 3 quarters and 1 nickel (because she thought it was a quarter in the dark)  :)
Outing with the Robertson Clan

We got the whole Robertson family together, well all the grandkids at least.  
We headed up to the Lehi Trafalga to play games and Lasor tag.  
They changed the place quite a bit since the last time we went.  This time my girls were not big enough to go into the lasor tag arena, so they stayed out with Gma, Gpa and Brick while the rest of us went in to play.  After we played we headed over to the mini bowling ally, where the others where. 
It was so cute little balls, little lanes, little pins.  The kids loved it.

After we bowled the kids played a few games to get some tickets.  All the kids were really excited about this one.  They where very enthusiastic about squashing the spiders.

The Bigger kids got to ride the cars, too bad there was the worlds meanest guy working the station.  He was so rude!! I really wanted to shoot spitwads at him!!  But the kids got the hang of it and had a ok time on them. My girls were pretty mad they couldnt drive, they were too short.

After trafalga we went to lunch and then headed over to Cabellas to show Russ and Karen who had never been there. 

We checked out the fish, the airplane, and the animals.  The kids had a blast, and so did the adults!!

These two were so excited to take pictures.


One night Schaefer was the only one who ate all his food so i told him we could go and get a special treat.

Of course I took him to The Chocolate!
We got cookies and took some cake home.

Scahefer was really excited to take pictures, he took a couple and then wanted to take pictures of the whole room and the window and the table.... it was funny.

These are our crazy faces.
It was so much fun to spend some time with him, I really need to make this a habit with all the kids.

Kyles Swim Meet, and the worst day ever!!!

Things started out great.  I was so excited to take some fun pictures to put up but because of certain "events" I only got these couple pictures. 
The kids were having a blast, my parents brought some cookies and candy so they had a ton to eat. 
Schaefe was checking out the pool trying to find Kyle

Who found us first....Glistening in his speedo!!!

Or whatever those things are called :)  Schaefer took this picture. HaHa

After this is when the fun began.  The meet started late, and just as they got going I was holding Melynn on my lap while she was eating something.  And all of the sudden I feel this splashing and my Dad and Brother Brian jump up....Yeah, Melynn threw up ALL OVER!!  Thankfully there was no one directly infront of us, just their bags and coats so it didnt get people too bad, but we were sitting on the upper bench and she threw up all the way down 3 benches.  So as soon as I notice I whip her around to face me and she gets a little more out.  Oh MY GOSH!!
So I am tring to get Melynn cleaned up a little while passing around my wipes to people, Brian runs to go find a towel or something, and my parents are helping other people get things cleaned up.  There was even a girl, probably about 12 or so, crying becuase she got hit, poor girl!
Brian comes back and I notice that all the people sitting on the benches all the way down are looking and I am thinking, how do they know already??  Thats when Brian points out the Giant fans blowing their way.  He said by the time he got back with the towel the smell was going all the way down the stairs that are the whole lenght of the pool away. 
So thankfully I brought extra pants and diapers for Kadrynn because she had thrown up the day before and I was a little worried about her, So I get Melynn out and strip her down.  So the rest of the time she spent half naked in her pants and undershirt, with no shoes or socks.  Then just when I thought I was safe, she had a blow out all the way down her legs and all over the pants.  So I took off again to get the other pair of pants in the car...AND I had no wipes left!! 
So I left as soon as Kyle was done, which he did great by the way.
On the way home the kids wanted McDonalds for dinner so I stopped and got some, I think Melynn ate a fry or two, and when we got to about the 106 exit (oh yeah and the meet was in ogden) Melynn started complaining about her stomach hurting, so I started to get off the freeway and before I could even change lanes she threw up all over herself.  I did get a towel on her lap so most of it stayed there, but still its gross!!  Schaefer has a pretty good gag reflex too, so as soon as he smells it I hear a huge gasp of air from him and he turns his head trying not to smell it so he doesnt throw up. 
I decided to just keep driving because I had nothing to clean anything with and most of the mess was already on a towel.  So we finally got off the freeway in Orem and....Yes... She does it again!!
Finally home around 9 or 10 pm and I get her in the bath the kids in bed.  and then I had to go clean out the car.  Which wasnt as bad as I was thinking it would be.  Most of it stayed in her seat and towel.
Needless to say the sickness hung around me and the girls for the weekend.  But passed and I really hope that never happens again.  We have had way to many throw up in the car or public place stories. Me wen I was pregnant with Schaefer, I went to long with out eating and hurled all over the civic, Schaefer when he was a baby, all over at Jordan Commons, our super exciting and fun trip to Luna a couple years ago, one kid got sick before we left and then it passed through all the kids on the way down, we had to stop every couple hours to clean something up.  Then to make it even better it went through 90% of the family of 60+ people.  So Please kids NO MORE THROWING UP IN MY CAR!!!! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!

New Years this year was really fun.  We started it off by all the girls taking Natalie out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, My favorite place to go!!
After dinner we headed home to a house full of junk food and kids.  Ian and Scott decorated the house for Natalies birthday wth Balloons, streamers and a banner.  It was great.  We all sang happy birthday and had cake and ice cream to go along with all the other yummy treats. 

Scott and Amanda brought these blowers, the best part about them was, they didnt make noise!!

The little ones had a hard time figuring out how to blow them.

but I got the hang of it pretty quickly!

The kids all loved the balloons, so did Boss he ran after them trying to play with them and they would always pop on him.

I got a picture of everyone but Brick. 

Schaefer and Logan were having a "sword fight" with the blowers.  It was pretty funny, Schaefer would roll around and duck and logan would just run after him.

Schaef in mid roll.

Logan was very excited to play Guess Who.  So Grandma, Schaefer and Ian helped him.

He is quite the little gamer.

The Birthday girl

Little Kadrynn, she is so cute, and now addicted to Pop.

We even got Megan there for a little while, then she had to go spend time with "more important people."

We started the gaming night off with Cuponk or Beer Pong.  It was pretty funny, out of all of us Amanda was the only one who got the ball in the cup.

After Cuponk, we moved onto Quelf, which took up the rest of the night.  It was so funny, basically you do stupid stuff for no reason.  Most the time you dont get anything out of it you just have to do it.  Karen had to drink a whole cup of water from the furthest edge of the cup, so here she is. 

Scott had to yoddle with his finger in his nose until he rolled 3 2's, Russ had to pretend he was a singing willow tree and hum a love song to whoever was up.  It was a great game if you like to laugh at people, and we do.
It was  a great party, and most of the kids made it, mine didnt.  The girls told me they were tired and went to bed, and Schaefer fell asleep around 11:30 or so.  But the other kids made it, probably because they didnt have beds. 
Now onto the new year of resolutions, wish me luck!