Friday, July 9, 2010

Smart Start Baseball

This year baseball was a lot more fun because Schaefer was semi interested, still doesnt care much for anything but the running but it was fun watching him untill his attention ran out,
The girls also loved it, They wanted to do whatever Schaefer got to do, that is untill they found the playground, then they didnt care about the game and just wanted to slide.
Schaef is getting really good at hitting a target.
So is Kadrynn :)
The team
Welcome Home JD!!!

JD finally came home!!
Laura and Kenedi were so excited.  Kadrynn and I decided to spend the night with them at their new place.  The girls had so much fun playing, they stayed up really late and played with all of kenedis toys and barbies.  Laura was up nervous and busy all night.  Her friend also stayed and her husband was coming home with JD so they were both trying on their outfits and make up to make sure they looked perfect.  I fell asleep but they had a good time. :)
Laura made shirts for all the cousins to wear for JD, they said "wecome home Uncle JD"
My kids were totally excited, Schaefer still wears his around.
Here are the excited looks on the girls waiting for their man :)  Laura was so giddy at one point it was funny and I kind of got a good shot of it.  Kenedi on the other hand was so tired from the night before that she didnt really care what was going on.
When The busses pulled in Laura went running with Heather leading the way pushing people out of the way and Megan following with a video camera to find him and of course, Michelle found him first and stole the first hug. 

First moments with the girls.  Kenedi looked at him and asked him if he wanted to come to her house.  She is so cute.  This is the moment that send some of us into tears.  JD started tearing up and after that there was no hope for the rest of us.  It was good to see him again and even better thinking that he will never have to go out again. 

First Family picture, I couldnt get Macy to look at the camera, Dang it!
They all look so happy.
Princess Play time

I love my cute little kids.  Once we got those beds up the girls want to be princesses everyday. 
Melynn askes me everyday if she can wear a princess dress, we dont have that many so, some days I have to talk her into wearing a princess skirt.  And she loves to wear all the jewelry.  Her and Kadrynn fight over the shoes every time they dress up.  Melynn usually wins, because she cares more.
I almost didnt get Schaefer dresses up as a Prince, he was all set on hoping into a dress and heals, but then I started talking about Prince Phillip and he got all excited about his hat and sword.  So things turned out ok.  Arent they cute!!
Schaefers Graduation
May 2010

I cant believe my little boy is done with Preschool!!  I cant believe how fast it goes buy, everyone told me that once you have kids the time just shoots by and you dont even realize it.  I now understand what they were all talking about. 
Schaefer is on the end on the left of the picture.  My camera is stupid and wouldnt take pictures and the few that I got are really dark.  But it was fun and I will always remember it even if he doesnt.

Grandma and Grandpa Robertsons came to see the graduation.  I still think its wierd that they have a graduation for Preschool, but that doesnt mean its not cute as can be. :)
Melynn was having a blast sitting on the floor poking at us, and Kadrynn was in her own world the whole time.

Before they got to the handing out of Deplomas, the all sang songs that they learned and each kid got up to hold a picture and talk about one thing they studied during the year.  But of course my stupid camera wouldnt work so I didnt get a good picture of him up there.

The cutest little graduate you ever did see!!
His teacher made those hats out of felt, they were so cute, actual graduation caps.

This is Sammy.  He and Schaefer were best friends, they went everywhere together, hand in hand.
The best part was sammy is the tallest and Schaef was one of the shortest.  
The best part of the graduation....Refreshments!!  They were all too busy eating to take a picture.

Schaefers teacher Mrs. Sellars.  Still so wierd that I grew up babysitting her kids.  It was so fun to have Schaefer go to her school and to have the chance to catch up with her and her family.