Sunday, March 14, 2010


Schaefers preschool class went to the Dinosaur Musuem so we all got to go.
Schaefer was telling me what all the dinos were called, I cant believe how well he remembers all the names of the dinosaurs.

This one is his favorite, the Brontosaurus.
Here he is standing next to the leg of the Braceosaurus, which is bigger than a brontosaurus.  And I guess his teacher told them how big they would be if they stood next to one and so he had to get a picture of it.
Here is most of his class.

The girls had a plast looking at everything.  Kadrynn got a little worried in a couple rooms but when they saw this little guy they had to take a ride.
Schaefer and Sammy, his best friend at school playing with the dinos in the sand.
It took quite a bit of convincing but I finally got Kadrynn to go in and play, once she stopped whining she reaized how much fun it was.
At the end of the museum they have dino bones burried in the sand and the kids get to explore and find them.
What kid doesnt like a sand box.
Smart Start Basketball

This years was Schaefers first year doing basketball and....he wasnt a big fan of it.
I guess he is still young but he only paid attention when he could shoot or run, anything else he didnt like.
He really likes to shoot, and he is pretty good at it, he was even getting the layup concept.  Shooting is by far his favorite and his strong point.
We did some passing and dribbling drills, the dribbling, he needs lots of work but it was fun to do some of the passing drills with him.  And thankfully my mom and Laura came for his last class so he wanted to show them how good he was so he paid attention the whole time.
Here is the team picture, "THE BULLS"

                        "THE BIG 30"
Karen decided that this party needed to be for Ian because it was his 30th birthday.  Yes its true I am married to a 30 year old man!!  So Megan made a sign for him and I got an ice cream cake while Karen made her own German Chocolate Cake.  We had all of Ians family and Karls family and Val and Dennis and Lisa come over to celebrate.
Ian got quite a bit of stuff, our kids gave him a baseball bat and a superman tee-shirt.  Karen and russ gave him a chilies gift card, Matt gave him a new running shirt, and some of my family chipped in money for BYU football season tickets.

Earlier that day we took balloons and cookies to Grandma at work and grandma brought them home, we also took some to Ian before taking him out to lunch.

Princess "Pouty-face"

This princess outfit was a birthday gift from the Thornocks and Kadrynn wanted to put it on, well right after I got it on her, she started whining about...I dont even know, just whining. 

During her whinefest, she lost her balance in her princess slippers and here she is going down.

This is "THE POUT"
Melynn didnt waste any time trying to get into the picture and she was very happy to be in it.
Kadrynns Birthday party
We decided to have Kadrynns party on Valentines day so that my parents could come down.
We had a lot of family come, all the Goodmans, G&G Dingman, and all the Robertsons and Petersens.
For some reason I cant find any pictures of Kadrynn with her cake or blowing out her candles or opening presents so I am going to have to look for some of those.  But I do have a picture of her cake, which was my first experience with fondant, and it turned out pretty good.
Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I misplaced my camera duing the action, because I have pictures of the after party, they consist of logan nerf darting anyone in the room, and Melynn playing with a couple of the toys that Kadrynn got.
Also a good picture of  Mom and Baby Macy

Yey, Valentines Day.  We love getting little Valentines.  It was really fun having the Thornocks come and spend it with us.  After church we let all the kids open their valentines.
Kenedi got a ballerina outfit and was in it before she had it out of the bag.
She was doing her little moves right after that.  I dont even know what they are called or how to spell them but she is such a cute little ballerina.
Our kids got book, now as exciting as Kenedi's outfit but they liked them just as much.  Kadrynn is loving anything princess and so she got her little princess book and some sees candy.
Melynn also got a book, a Tinkerbell book, but as you can tell from this picture, she was way more excited for the Sees candy.
Schaefer has really been getting into the body and all its details.  I got an anatomy book from the library the other week and Schaef had it all the time asking about all the details, so we bought him is own.  Its not as informative but he likes it just the same.


We decided to celebrate Valentines day with our kids this year.
We called the Larsens and went to Jump on it.
Laura also came because she had been spening the week with us.
Of course, I didnt take many good pictures and the ones I did take ended up really dark and not clear at all, but here are the ones I did get.
Schaefer is getting ready for a big trick here.  The only thing any of them know how to do is land on you bum and roll over, a couple of them were daring enough to go onto their stomachs.
In the middle of the trampolines is a big platform so most of Noahs time was spend climbing up and back down.  Well I guess that is what most of us did, but the grownups jumped off not just sliding.  Daring.. I know.
I tired to get pictures of all the kids but I some how missed Kadrynn and this is the only thing I got with Melynn, she started jumping just as I took the shot, super close up.
Schaefer and Baylee taking turns doing tricks.  They have so much fun together.
I think Kenedi was the most daring out of all of them, but she does have a tramp at home that she is always on.
After Jumping we headed over to Iggy's for our Valentines dinner.  It was really fun to have the kids with us.  They are so well behaved when we go out to dinner.  Schaefer is finally getting use to ordering for himself and asking the Waiter for what he needs, I cant believe how big my babies are.
Melynn was being so cute I had to snap a couple pictures of her.
And I finally got one with Schaefer looking at the camera, with his crazy hair.