Sunday, June 13, 2010

Petersen Family Spring Stay-cation Break
This year we wanted to go on vacation but because of money most of us couldnt afford to, so we decided to do a staycation.  The Grandparents, Laura and the girls and Kyle came down for a couple days and then we headed up to end the break in Logan.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids loved to see eachother so much, it was hard to tear them away from eachother.
We spend our first day in Provo.  We went to the bean museam where we met The Madsens, and Grandpa Dingman.  We spend a good hour or so there, looking at all the animals.  But of course I forgot to bring my camera.  We headed over to the BYU Dinosaur Museam after, to see the dinos they had.  Lots of cool things there.

This bone was Kadrynns favorite thing, so she lined up for a picture then Melynn joined her and we even got Haylee in this one.

I told the boys to pick their favorite Dinosaur and after running around trying to decide, they found this guy and got down like dinos and started growling.

Towards the end the kids started getting bored so Brian got down to help the kids pose for a picture of them all acting like dinosaurs.

We spend day 2 in Lehi.  We headed up to the Thanksgiving point Dinosaur museam.  I think that is the most popular place to go for the kids, they all love it.  No matter how many times we go they can find something new and they love it even more.
At the beginning they got to watch some of the empolyees work on cleaning the bones, this was a lucky picture, we usually cant get all of them lined up like this.  So cute.

Little Macy, too small to line up with the other kids, but here she is in all her cuteness.

Half way through the museam the kids get to play in the sand and build little hills and play with the toy dinos, its probably the best part. 
Gotta love Melynns Cheeser face!! She is so cute.
Again another lucky picture, too bad we couldnt get them all to look up and smile.

I think my kids have it down pat, when you see that dino, sit down and smile.  we always get a picutre on it cause its so cute.  And to make it better I got a cute smile our of Haylee, who never lets me take her picture.

Uncle Kyle and the kiddos

After the museam we headed down to Jump On It.  Mom, Dad and Kyle had never been there before but had a really good time.

Brian spend most of the time like that. He and Mom kind of took turns bouncing the kids and each other.
But no matter how old we get this will always be the funnest thing to do.  Mom hates being bounced and she makes the funniest noises when we get her.  Notice Schaef and Kadrynn taking some of the bounce.
Shad and Schaefer really got into jumping off the platform in the middle, they had some good jumps too.  Schaefer even got brave enough to do some spins.
After living with Grandma and Grandpa Kenedi mastered the trampoline.  She was having a blast.
Melynn is still off balance on the tramp and felt the safest on a lap, so she spend a lot of time trying to get on someones lap.

Another day where I forget my camera.  it was a really fun day.  The kids and I, Ian unfortunatly had to miss the whole week because of work.  But we headed up to lehi to go see How to Train Your Dragon with all the cousins. Schaefer loved the movie, he sat watching the whole time and couldnt get enough.  Melynn had to be fed the whole time to keep her quiet and Kadrynn was terrified.  she covered her eyes most of the movie and asked to go home every couple minutes.  But toward the end she started enjoying it a bit more.
 Then headed over to the Lehi Rec. Center for some swimmin'.  The Lehi pool is great, lots of things to do.  Its so fun having Schaefer big enough to go on his own and not have to worry, as much, about him drowning.  They all had a blast and were not happy when we made them leave.

We headed up to the Zoo on our way to Logan.  Ian was finally able to come with us for this day, but Dad had to go home after the pool so he missed the Zoo.  And, yes, I forgot my camera.  Its a good thing I can get pictures from other people who were not airheads forgetting their cameras.
We took some lunch up and had a picnic and then took a couple hours to stroll the Zoo, the kids got to ride on the train and the carosel.  They all had so much fun looking at all the animals. 
After the Zoo Brian and Heather had to head back home while the rest of us went to get some ice cream at Baskin Robins.  Then we headed up to Logan for the weekend. 

We went to the American West Heritige Center for Baby Animal Days.  The kids got to look at real farm animals and even hold some baby ducks and chicks and pet some baby lambs, pigs, goats, cows, and bunnies.
We stayed in Logan for the weekend and then headed back on sunday, back to reality.