Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christmas Eve jammies

Christmas Eve
Laura and JD and the girls came to our house for Christmas this year.  Christmas Eve we all got to open our christmas jammies.

After we opened jammies, we read some scriptures and the night before christmas.

They all look so cute, and they always love new jammies.

Schaefers School Christmas Party

Schaefers Christmas party
I was able to go to Schaefers class party and help with the activities. 

The best part was making gingerbread houses, and frosting cookies.  It was a lot of fun to spend time with my baby boy.

Kadrynn Christmas program

Kadrynns class singing at the Mall
Kadrynn got to do 2 christmas programs, they did one at the mall and then another at school.

At the mall they went over to see santa, then sang some songs, then headed to the food court to eat some doughnuts.  You can tell from Kadrynns face how much she loves doughnuts.

Collynns and Melynn had a lot of fun too, poor Collynns was exhausted.

Kadrynn and her best friend Rebecca.

The Christmas program at school.

Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree
Putting up the Tree is one of the kids favorite things too do every year, as soon as we got home from Arizona the kids..and me...needed to put it up.

they all picked their favorite ornaments and put them all over the bottom of the tree, so we had to start lifting them up to get things on the top of the tree.

Collynns didnt last too long.  But sure looks cute when she cries.

And there it is, just about finished.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving in Arizona
Thanksgiving in Arizona was so great, warm, sunny, no snow.  I am not sure I want to do thanksgiving in utah anymore. 
We got to go down and see Tara and Erics new house.
We had dinner at Taras and Chris and Lori came to join us.

After dinner we went out to play football

Ian taught the kids how to punt

Even paisley got in on  a little game time.

Kadrynn didnt want to play so she wandered around the
 field trying to stay as far away as possible.

We also got to go over to the zoo and see the Arizona animals, they where
mostly the same as utah ones...


Collynns is finally getting big enough to look at us if we make enough noise.

Aunt Lori is taking the picture and Chris and Eric had to work.

We where able to spend a long weekend with Tara and Eric, and I have been dying to get back ever since.  Tara even took us to her salon and prettied us up.  We also got some black friday shopping in.

Kadrynns thanksgiving show

Thanksgiving Show
Kadrynn went to Laura Sellars Preschool just like Schaefer, VIP Preschool. 
We love this preschool, They have lots of shows and do lots of fun activities.
The kids all memorized thanksgiving songs and made indian costumes.

Kadrynn Did a very good job singing and when she got back home she wanted to share all her stuff with her brother and sister.  They wore this indian stuff for days.


Collynns' blessing

Collynns Anita Robertson
We blessed Collynns on November 6, Kyles birthday.  We had lots of family at church and after we did a dinner with Ians family and my family at the church to celebrate both Kyle and Collynns

But of course, we forgot to take pictures and only got a few of my parents and Kyle.

We also got most of the Petersen cousins too, Kadrynn wasnt very happy about the picture....

Until she got her own picture with Collynns

Kyle caught her attention, so cute.

All Three of my girls where blessed in this dress, I love it and they all looked so cute in it.