Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween
This year we decided to be Angry Birds, but for school Schaefers class had to be something they learned about this year and so he chose a bat, so I took the left over felt from the Bird costumes, it almost looked like a bat, he loved it.

Kadrynn and Melynn loved their Costumes, They wore them for days before. 

We went over to the Provo City Halloween carnival and met with the Robertson cousins.  Schaefer chose to wear his bat costume instead of his king pig one So I got very little pictures of the real one and lots of the Bat.

We got a good picture with Logan and Taelin but I dont know what happened to brick

Here they are!  We went to the annual Debrine Halloween party at Angies house, Ian and I look pretty funny, but the kids looked great, especially baby collynns
And here are the rest of the Robertsons
I am nnot really sure what Alex is suppost to be though.
Drew Carry and a price is right contestant, and Cobie the Ghost.
Karen and Russ are white trash.

Danny is mayham and natalie is a witch.

And Megan the vampire.

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