Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a Warm April Day

Playing at the Little Kid Trafalga

We finally had a semi warm day so we headed out to Lehi for a little fun in the sun.
The kids all played on the merry go round, all though Melynn didnt like it much.

Kadrynn and i didnt want to get wet so we stayed off the boats, but that didnt stop them from trying to get us wet.

Melynn is getting really good at golfing, everytime we hit the ball she runs after it and says "dont worry, I get it."  and brings it back to us.

Melynn was so excited to ride the  airplane, but when we got there, she was so small, But the other too loved it.

More golfing skills

Ian actually got Schaefer to climb the rock wall, I was shocked, and he loved it.  He kept saying he was going to go all the way up and touch the top.

But this is as far as he got.

Melynn was running circles for a while at the end
It was a fun day!

valentines day

Happy Valentines day!!

On Valentines day we had a fun day,  I didnt get pictures of the valentines we gave them but we gave them some little candy and books.
This bag is from my Mom and Dad, they are so good about sending presents they dont need too.
Schaefer got a plane, and the girls got a cute necklace.  Thank you Mom and Dad
I also got a cute cupcake holder.

We met Ian at the park for lunch which was Cafe Rio, which has been a major craving for me lately!!

A wierd pic of me and my baby!


Kadrynns 4th Birthday

                                                           Happy Birthday little Kady!!

I cant believe how fast time goes, I feel like I graduated high school and then time has been in fast forward ever since.  I hope it slows down sometime.  But I guess I need to be better at appriciating each day as it comes and remembering that I will never have that day back.

Kadrynn wanted a princess party, of course, So we made some pink cupcakes, Chocolate strawberries and had some candy as well. 

Kadrynn loved it!!  She was really excited about the pink princess cupcakes.

She got so many presents!  We have such great family, thank you all, we really appricate you all!
Logan gave her this puppy and she takes it everywhere and has a new name for him everyday.

Grandma Petersen gave her a unicorn pillow pet, which is the one thing she wanted more than anything.  Now it sits on her bed all the time. 

We gave her a princess bike, which she isnt quite sure if she likes it yet, I am still waiting for some good warm weather to get it outside.

I Guess this is the only picture we got of anyone else, but its a cute one.