Thursday, November 17, 2011


Collynns Little photo shoot

I needed to take a cute picture to put on my wall and This first one turned out so cute. 

I love her huge cheeks and hair that wont lay down.  She is about 2 weeks old in these pictures.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Conference Weekend

Hey can you blame me, I just had a baby and I am tired, Ian has no excuse though!!

Laura and Jd's family came down to see Collynns and spend the weekend.  I sure miss having them here.  Macy and Kenedi are growing up so fast and I wish I could see them more often.

Collynns with Mom and Laura

Kadrynn got ahold of the camera and took some funny pictures, I am not sure if Dad is awake or not but I like this one.

This is kind of how things went as soon as we said "Oh conference is starting."  Everyone either went crazy or passed out. 

Kadrynn and Kenedi taking turns holding the baby. 

Collynns First Bath

Its so funny that the first bath gets so much attention.  And she screamed the whole time. 

But look how cute she looks after

Collynns Anita Robertson

Well, She came out!!  I was starting to worry for a while.  All my other kids where eight days early, and I think Collynns knew that and wanted to frusterate me.  But I won!! 

I had been waiting for my water to break for a few days.  I was so paranoid about it breaking in public. And it did, at the end of Schaefers soccer game at 7:30, but it didnt break the way I thought it would.  Usually it breaks and there is no stopping it, this time I wasnt sure for hours.  Ian and I ended up walking up and down the street trying to get contractions to start, and they did, so we decided to go in and get things checked out around 11:30.  Turns out my water had broken.  So we called Mom who headed down and  they hooked me up and called Dr Carn who told them to put me on the Pit and so I got the epidural right away, like usual, I am not one for pain!!  But the guy was not on his best day, he had to put it in twice and then when they started uping the Pit the epidural wasnt working so after a while I had him come back in and give me the booster, which went straight into my bloodstream and my vision went blurry, my ears ringing and my tongue went numb, so he had to take it all out and put it in again which took another 2 tries.  Then I was ready to push within the hour.  I pushed for 10 minutes and DIDNT TEAR!!  I am amazed at the differance between tearing and not!!  I recommend not.  So my legs where totally numb and I couldnt move them until some time around 11am.

Collynns came out perfectly, and looking just like Kadrynn, which is funny because I remember thinking that when Melynn came out and now when I look back at pictures, I think Melynn looked nothing like Kadrynn. 

Collynns came out at 5:28 am and weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long.  She is not only our heaviest but our hairyest baby, tons of dark brown hair.  Which I was hoping would stay the same color but then one of the nurses pointed out her blonde eyebrows so there is a good chance it will go blonde, sorry Mom.

Once Ian and I got moved into our other room Mom Headed back to our house to relieve Megan who had spend the night with the kids.  Megan was very excited to have Collynns born on her birthday.  Once we took a nap and ate some breakfast we did a little photo shoot. 

The kids where so excited to see their new baby sister.  I kept wondering if Schaefer would be mad that she actually came out a girl, he has been saying for months that the Dr was wrong and it was a boy.  But he never said anything, just excitment. 

They have been smothering her since we came home.

Dr Carn came to take a look at Collynns and make sure things where ok and we grabbed a picture with him before we headed home.

When we got home Natalie was there putting up this great sign and Grandma and Grandpa Dingman and Grandma Miller came to bring dinner.  So we had a little party there waiting for us to get home.

Provo Services Fair

The Provo Services Fair has become a bit of an annual activity for our family.  Ian has to work it every year so we go over to see him and to see the fire trucks and get a bunch of candy and papers. 
This year they let the kids work the fire hose.  Schaefer and Melynn where so excited, but Kadrynn didnt want to do it.

We found Grandma and Grandpa Robertson there  and they stood in line with Schaefer and Melynn to go up in the cherry pickers.

Kadrynn, of course, Sat and watched with me.

Schaefer went up in a bucket with Grandpa and Melynn went with Grandma.

They look so high.  I wish I could have gone up, its got to be a cool view from up there. 

The Lotoja

For the past 3 years Ian has ridden in the Lotoja, a bike race that goes from Logan to Jackson Hole.  He rides on my dads relay team that has basically turned into our family team.  Last year Brian, Heather and I rode too but this year with Brian in Iraq and Me 8 months pregnant, Heather, Ian, Dad and Heathers friend Danielle, where the ones who got to participate in all the fun. 

Ian usually rides the third leg, the King of the Mountain leg.  But this year he got to try the second leg, which, they say is harder because its an uphill climb for more than half of it.  He did pretty good on it.

I drove my car so I wouldnt throw up in anyone elses car, my carsickness is worse when I am pregnant.  To start the race we where up about 4:30 am getting ready and by 8am Mom and dad where both passed out.  Dad did just get off his first leg of 35 miles but Mom, is just tired.

Ian handed off to my Dad who rode the King of the Mountain.  He also rode the first and fifth leg. 

Ian carried the timing chip for the fifth leg also.  Its the only leg we can get a picture of.  And we had no cars around us when we passed him so I got this good picture of him.
But I cant say the same for Dad, so I didnt get such a great picture of him.

Here is Heather handing off the timing chip to Heather for the fifth leg.  Heather did great, she rode the same leg as last year and she knocked some 10 minutes off her time.  I was really jealous of all of these guys, driving is just not the same as riding.  Hopefully next year I can join in.

We headed over to our hotel after the finish line and Dinner. 

I had a goal of not having any pictures of me during this pregnancy, but Ian ruined it.  Oh well, now I have proof that I can show the kids when they are older. 

Standing in line for Mom and Dads favorite breakfast place.
Isnt he cute!!