Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pictures from the big halloween party at Angies house.
We had a movie/music theme. Scott was Kurt Cobain,
Russ and Karen where the Chior.

Natalie was Paula Abdul

Megan was Hanna Montana

Amanda was Amy Winehouse

Alex and Shayla were the phantom and Christine

"She's a"

During the day we went out to Lehi to trick or treat up main street with
Brian, Heather, Shad and Haylee, Laura and Kenedi. We had a fun time with them.
as soon as Shad saw Schaefers costume he was transforming into Optimus Prime.
Everytime someone would ask Schaefer to go down shad would drop and yell, "Im
Optimus Prime!" It was so funny. All the kids looked so cute.

My pretty princess

We carved pumpkins! Kadrynn wanted a princess tiara and Schaefer wanted a

Ian dressed up as Optimus Prime for work so Schaefer wanted
to wear his costume as soon as he saw it. Schaefers costume was pretty hard to get going but once we started it came quickly.

We used lots of cardboard and posterboard. By the end I was so sick of crafting that I went out and bought a mask.

Success!! FINISHED!

Cardboard "frame"

Testing the size. The first one was huge, I cant
believe how little he is.

Garner Village

We have never been to Garner Village before this year. Everyone told me how fun it was and this year we got to check it out with Laura, JD and Kenedi
Schaefer was loving these witches, but this one took him a really long time to get up to it. We had Kenedi sit down and talk to it and after she did it Schaefer was fine to get up there.

We let all the kids ride the ponys, Kadrynn was terrified but she got on and started liking it after a while.

Here is Kenedi chatting with the Witch

Next time Ian will have to come with us and check it out.

Las Vegas Ragnar/ Arizona Cards game

We got to run in a Ragnar Relay this year. Totally fun experience! The race was in Vegas so we headed down on Thursday and went to the strip so we could walk around and see the sights.

We Stayed at Ians cousin Mandys house that night and then started our run at 11:30am.

Our group went first and Matt started us off then handed off to me, then amanda, Ian, Alex and Danny handed off to the other van.

My first run was defininatly the worst one of the bunch. most of it was on dirt roads.

Ian had a really nasty climb during his first run but he tackled it like a champ.

I guess Danny wasnt able to get everything in order so the guys jumped in to help him get ready for his leg.

During Dannys first leg we stopped by these cool cave rocks so we climbed around for a while waiting for Danny to get there for water.

Yeah, Dannys got an IV!! I guess it was really hot or something.
Danny didnt eat or drink much before his run and no body really noticed so naturally Danny got heat stroke and came into the exchange really Dizzy and not all there. So after about 30 minutes of throwing water on him and listening to him say funny things we got him over to the medic tent and got an IV in him. So after 2 hours a visit from the ambulance and some food and water. we headed out to our next start point.

Matt playing in the rocks

Ian handing off to Alex

We were really bad about taking pictures through the night, But this is my last leg, well I guess Dannys last leg but because he got the IV her wasnt eligible to run anymore So Ian had to pickup his second leg and I took the third. So this picture is me starting Dannys last leg, my fourth leg.

Most people dec their vans out with stuff and so we
took some pics of them this is just one

Running, almost finished

After I handed off to the other van we headed to the Red Rock Casino, where the race was scheduled to end, and got some grub.

The Finish Line

The whole team at the end of the race

No suprise, but I ran into Debbie Tebbs, Moms cousin.

A horrible picture of Ian with his medal

Waiting for a room to get a shower

We headed over to Arizona to stay with Lori and go to a Cardinals game
right after the race. We slept at loris house that night and went to the game on sunday.
This picture is of Beanie Wells the running back.

This is where we came in at and stayed untill all the players
and Chris came out of the changing room

Lori and us after the game

After every game the team has a BBQ outside in the parking lot
So we got to stay and see all the players and Ian got this great picture
with Kurt Warner the quarterback.

After the game we headed back to Loris and hung out for the night then
headed home the next morning. What a great trip.